Tuesday, January 3, 2012


  • Christmas & New Years!
  • Our countdown dropped below 90 days!!!
  • Wrote Ceremony Intro
  • Wrote Time Line for day of
  • Wrote Rough Play list
  • Discussed my map to go with invites
  • Mike started a centerpiece (glowing mushrooms, paper machĂȘ log, etc)
  • More work on vows
  • Started verifying addresses for invites
  • Called to book hair and make-up
Still Looking Forward To
  • Sending out invitations
  • Having another bridesmaids get together
  • The finished centerpieces!
  • More DIYing
  • Handing the reigns over to my more than capable wedding party and day of coordinator.

We're getting down to the wire now. It's a lot of just sitting down and doing it, a little bit of waiting and a ton of anticipation. Most everything is wrapped up and just needs to be picked up or paid for. The only completely unresolved issue is what Mike and the groomsmen are wearing.

I'm working on the ceremony, time lines and play list. I need to get Mike to paint my fairy's hair blonde so I can take her to the cake people soon. I need Mike to finish the first prototype so we can leave it with the florist. I also need him to decide whats he's wearing. Beside all that there will be checks to write and running around to do, that's all. It's less than 3mos away. It's January 2012! Wow.

I can't wait for it to actually happen. It's been months since planning and decision making started and I just want to see it all! I can't believe after all the work I put in people haven't even been officially invited, yet. Weird. We'll be doing that very soon. I can't wait.

77 days

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