Monday, January 9, 2012

Update Monday

  • Centerpiece prototype done
  • We discussed draping linen
  • Made contact with hair and make-up
  • Scheduled a bridesmaids get together!
  • Discussed map completion with my artist FMIL
  • Seriously started verifying addresses for invitations
  • Uploaded bridesmaids shirts to more economic custom shirt making site. Double checking sizes before I order.
  • Emailed florist that prototype centerpiece is finally done so we can schedule a meeting. To finalize florals.
Still Looking Forward To
  • Sending out invitations by the end of the month! More than anything in the world at this point.
  • Having another bridesmaids get together! I love my girls.
  • Tying up the loose ends (ahem, menswear...)
  • Handing the reigns over to my more than capable wedding party and day of coordinator.
  • The wedding!!

I thought we were close before. Now I'm at the point where one day not to long from now I'll buy milk with an expiration date after the wedding. That's always sobering for me.

I'm queen of emails and texts lately. I'm even emailing myself lately. My brain is overflowing with information I'm afraid I'll spring a leak. I need to check, double check, triple check that everything's in order and to keep in touch with everyone on team wedding. I'm confident in them, just doubting my ability to finish recovering, raise two kids and finish the planning process without incident.

Things come into sharper focus as you get closer. I don't care about place settings. I don't care about a get away car. I don't car about getting new shoes for the wedding. I don't care about a lot of things I might have thought were important at some point. I can even live without a honeymoon trip as long as Mike and I get a few days without the kids. I don't care what Mike wears as long as he's clean and comfortable and the boys match. It's almost here!!

72 days

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