Monday, January 23, 2012

Update Monday!

  • Bridesmaids Shirts came.
  • Had our Bridesmaids lunch!
  • Invitations are addressed
  • Met with the florist to show off centerpieces and finalize decor.
  • Mike's ring stones arrived.
  • Dates for the shower and bachelorette parties have been decided.
  • Rough seating plan made and table options confirmed with venue.
  • We have a parent dance song!
  • We have a plan for menswear.
  • I made our ring pillow!
  • We got our map, Thank you Doreen!!
Still Looking Forward To
  • Sending out invitations. We Should be printing maps today and mailing invitations, by Thursday.
  • Booking a new hair and make-up person.
  • Decorating the girls shirts.
  • My shower and bachelorette party
  • Picking up my ring.
  • The wedding!!

I'll be posting soon about a lot of the stuff I mentioned. It was an amazing week wedding-wise. I was so busy with wedding productivity and then a toddler with a stomach virus that I got way behind on the blog. I'll catch up quickly because I'm super excited to show you guys everything I've been up to.

We sat down and looked over the hair and make-up contract and it was simply outside my budget. I was sad, but I emailed her to tell her that I had to decline because she was outside my budget. She was very nice about it and wished me lots of luck. I've gone back to my original list of options. I'll probably end up going to a salon, which isn't the end of the world if that's the only place I have to be that day before the wedding. Wish me luck on this project. I really want to nail this down and do trials soon since my birthday's coming up and all my pre-wedding parties aren't until March.

Other than that, I'm still plugging away at the slide show and music for the reception. I feel like we're in pretty good shape I'm just worried about Mike feeling overwhelmed and not finishing something important, like his ring. The show must go on though, we'll figure it out.

58 days

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