Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gravity vs The Disabled Bride

I know I've mentioned before how the logistics of my disability get lost in the fantasy of an event sometimes. I imagine the dress, the groom, the dancing, but not the horrible balance. I imagine tables full of guests, beautiful bridesmaids, but not needing my crutches or wheelchair. More accurately I imagined them off and on over the time I've been engaged. Now that we're just shy of two months away...Oy! Those considerations are on my mind.

I actually got an email from a blog fan (which I adore! I can't tell you how much it means to hear people read and appreciate the blogs) with her beautiful wedding pictures. She only used her wheelchair for the reception and said she only fell once. All the sudden it hit me, falling...Gosh Darn It. When I was in high school I did a lot of theatre and my mom always told me she'd spend shows anxious that I'd fall. I never fell on stage in high school, or college (maybe once or twice at an audition). Never-the-less, I'm suddenly anxious about a face plant in front of my guests.

I texted my bridesmaids and made them swear an oath that if I fell they wouldn't record it on their phones and upload it to YouTube. A million hits later I'm the "falling bride" for-ever! It would be beyond embarrassing. Suddenly, I worried that hiring a videographer was a bad plan. The girls promised, of course they're not the ones I really worry about. Then I decided if I go down they should all throw themselves to the ground to create a distraction! Perfect, solution: fake earthquake.

In all seriousness, I'm still getting used to my body since the surgery and I haven't a clue how likely a fall would be. I'm glad it occurred to me early so I could fret about it and get it out of my system now. I decided as always the biggest obstacle to staying on my feet will be fatigue. So, I'll get my new crutches Monday and practice with them a ton before the wedding. I'll have my wheelchair for back-up too. On the day of I plan not to be on my feet at all before the the ceremony. Thanks to the wheelchair, planning ahead and awesome bridesmaids I'm sure I can pull it off.

Here's hoping there's no nose dives, at least by the bride, on the wedding day. Any guests reading this feel free to throw yourselves on the ground in solidarity too.

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  1. I pledge to fall on the floor if need be-LOL!!! Heather

  2. Yeah we should have a plan that if you fall we all fall! Chance


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