The projects or attempts to do-it-myself will be posted in the blog and indexed here.

DIY Projects I Took a Whack At:

  1. Bridesmaid Cards: Prepare for Cuteness
  2. Bridesmaids Calendars: Crafting Calendars
  3. Hand Stamped Envelopes: Hand Stamped Envelopes
  4. Interactive Save the Date Magnets: Kick Ass Save The Dates
  5. J's Ring Pillow: Jasandra's Ring Pillow
  6. Card Box Nest: Bird's Nest Card Box
  7. Bridesmaids Tote Tags: Cute Mushroom Tags
  8. Bridesnaids Tote Bags: The Finished Product
  9. Bride Totes: And Me Too
  10. Centerpieces: Beginning of the Middle & Center-piece-de-resistance
  11. Bridesmaids Shirts: Team Bride Has Shirts
  12. Ring Pillow: My Ring Pillow
  13. Place Cards: A Rockin' Friday Night
  14. Names on the Bridesmaids' Shirts: Finishing Touches
  15. Chair Signs: Signs For The Backs Of Our Chairs
  16. Garter: Garter-Check
  17. Mad Hat for Bridal Shower: Curiouser and Curiouser
  18. Emergency Kits: Bridesmaids Emergency Kits
  19. Favor Tags: Do Me A Favor...Tag