Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doing Less

I'd decided early on to skip chair covers and fancy table overlays in favor or crisp white table clothes. I knew from the start I was fine with a less then formal place setting. Disposable plate, yes please. None of those things mattered from the get go. Lately some of the things that I thought mattered...don't.

Last night I told Mike I didn't want to do a guest book quilt anymore. Partly, to knock an expense off the budget, but also because we are at blanket capacity around here. I just don't want another one hanging around. All the research into how to pick fabric, which markers to buy, how to instruct people in what to do and it didn't once occur to me that we don't need a quilt. In fact, I informed my groom to be I don't need a guest book at all.

It would be nice, but I won't miss it. I document everything (hello, blogging daily about wedding planning), but it's not worth my energy at this point. Mike had a cute idea so I told him it was his project now, but we agreed he wasn't going to waste any time on it until his other projects (centerpieces/room decor, mens attire, his ring) are done.

After that conversation I spent the next day thinking about what else I could do with out. I'd already decided not to get any new clothes for the shower or rehearsal, that was any easy one. I decided a girls nails night where we all do each others would be more fun than mani/pedis at the mall anyway. We were already skipping a DJ in favor of our own play list.

Then there were some more difficult stuff like shoes. Love those green sparkly shoes, but I have a lot of anxiety about them fitting right and being comfortable all day. I already own a pair of pink sequined ballet flats that I know fit. No one will see my fit anyway so maybe I'll wear my shoes I already have. It's hard when you wear a size 2 in kids and have bad balance and it rules out borrowing from anyone. I think I may buy those awesome shoes down the line if not for the wedding though.

Skipping the shoes made me think maybe I could wear a bra I already own, but I don't know about that for sure. You don't want to skimp on undies when you're wearing the most important dress of your life. It's strapless so I want to be sure there won't be any wardrobe malfunctions. We'll see...Beyond that, we've come to an agreement that will not take a honeymoon trip. We will make arrangements not to have the kids for a few days. We will most likely drive somewhere close by so we can get back if we need to. I think we'll save traveling without the kids for an anniversary trip.

I continue to look for ways to scale back and delegate. My major projects at this point are the play list (finishing it, gathering mp3s, saving it onto multiple machines) which will be easier once the RSVPs and song requests start pouring in. The slide show, I'm still in the gathering photos phase. Mike inherited his work's old projector so we're all set for that. I handed the ceremony writing task over to our officiant for now so I'm just working on vow ideas. The most pressing matter is getting invitations out at this point. Surprisingly, it doesn't sound like as much when it's all written out rather than rattling around in my overwhelmed brain.

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  1. Good for you for realizing that some of what you had wanted is less important than other things. Really, Katie, this is one fo the best posts about the wedding yet. Keep on with this train of thought and it will be a great fabulous day and it will be the best wedding you've ever had. Ever. Anywhere.

    Congrats on your new head space...


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