Thursday, January 19, 2012

Addressing the Envelopes

First, we had to have a committee meeting about which font to use. Michael is super picky about fonts, we got complaints about the the save the dates being hard to read and I wanted something girly. Color was easy because the envelopes are brown so we went with green. After that I exported my guest list into a spreadsheet. Mike and I butted heads over how formal we should be. He was big on just writing first names and last names. I didn't want to be super formal, but I thought titles classed it up a bit. I won on that one (more or less). Then it took me hours and generous Googling to remember my Mail Merging skills.

It was at this point that, armed with 44 envelopes worth of documents, I enlisted Mike's help to test printing. For those of you who don't remember I would like to remind you now that I bought a new printer over the summer when we had issues with another wedding related project. It's not even 6mo old yet. He said "Ok, print the first one" (after checking all the settings). What followed were some very disturbing clunking noises akin to the Dad's battle with the furnace in A Christmas Story.

My heart sank, as there's no replacing the printer now and on principle it irritates me that it would be having issues so soon. Grrrr! Mike worked on it for hours and when it started acting normal again the alignment was all wrong so we gave up for a while. I'm worried I'll be hand addressing them again. When I tried to print a regular document the clunking started again.

If it was just an alignment issue we'd just switch to clear labels to move the printing along, but with the printer being so erratic who knows?

When I search DIY hand address wedding invitations every single hit says print the address lightly on the envelope and then trace it by hand. Nice, guys. If I could print I wouldn't be addressing by hand.

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