Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ready, Set, Mail!

Last night Mike picked up our maps. So this afternoon I sat and stuffed maps. Then I licked envelopes. It was funny because when I put all the postage on the other day I thought "Thank God, I don't have to lick all these stamps!" I totally forgot about envelopes!

After I had mapped and sealed the envelopes I used my trusty leaf stamp to pretty them up.

After I got done I had a mini breakdown. There were supposed to be 44 invitations (45 households including us). I counted when I was done and got 43. I was worried that in all the stages of the process I'd lost someone. I pulled up the guest list and checked that I had everyone. I did and there were supposed to be 44. I counted again and got 43. At that point I asked Mike to count. He determined that everyone was accounted for and that I had miscounted. There were in fact 44. Phew!

They'll get mailed in the morning, finally. Darn printer related delays, grumble. Hurray!! Giant check off the to do list.


  1. Did you guys get nailed with extra postage required for your pretty wooden invites? By the time our envelopes were stuffed with our invitations, RSVP cards, and SASEs for replies, we were overweight and had to add extra stamps to the fancy ones we picked out... ugh! You'd think the USPS would anticipate the desire to have nice stamps for weddings and the like, yes?

    1. No extra postage for wieght, just had to add one cent stamps to the 44c stamps I'd had since Xmas, blah. She mailed the sample in a regular envelope with a regular stamp so I was pretty confident it would only take a first class stamp and it did.


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