The Proposal

How He Finally Popped the Question:

For the video see this post: A Very Serious Hedgehog (the proposal)

It was Christmas morning. We were surrounded by family and I had a sleeping baby on my chest. Santa gave me the last present in his sack and bid everyone a Merry Christmas.

I unwrapped a white box. It had a verse of a poem taped to the outside. That's when I knew I was in trouble. I passed the sleeping baby to someone else and opened the box to discover an adorable hedgehog with another verse of the poem on it.

It was a nesting doll. So, there were more hedgehogs and more verses until...

The ring was in this one.


In hindsight I really wish I had brushed my hair and maybe put on a little make-up. I had a newborn so this was "put together" at the time.

The ring:

Photo by Lara Coughlin Photgraphy. For all the details on my ring see this post Ring-A-Ding Ding