Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fairy Girls

So, over the years of being unofficially engaged, officially engaged and then postponed I started joking that I "had to grow a flower girl first." Even before Riley was born I pictured her being pulled down the aisle in a flower filled wagon wearing a pair of fairy wings.

Something like this image from my wedding notebook. (Thanks, Lara for photographing my notebook for the blog.) The baby is so tiny the wings are the length of her entire body. So, sweet.

We're past the point of needing the wagon at this point, but I'm so excited that my flower girl will be my beautiful Riley. I also decided I want her to share the job with her best friend Boo. They love each other so much. Now I picture them holding hands down the aisle and tossing petals. My beautiful girls.

Boo and Roo at the zoo (18mos). My little flower girls.

This was the dress I had to have in 2008:

Watter Girls collection, style #45970. I called about it the other day (after showing the picture to Boo's mom) and they told me it was discontinued in January 2011. I was so bummed. I hope it's not the first of many consequences of postponement.

The flower girl dress was the only attire I wasn't flexible on. Seriously, even my dress I have more of an idea of how it should look more than exact plan. I was completely deflated. However, I called Boo's mom to break the news and she said "oh, Katie you're going to find something better." She also confessed she found the dress a little plain for the fairies I'd described.

Shortly after the pep talk I found this dress :

It's also a Watters, style#46231. Having two flower girls, one who isn't my biological child, I hesitate to fork over $200 per dress. So, I'm looking for something similar or at least similar fabric. I love the color (they call this green apple), the spray of flowers above and below the sash and the tulle. Picture it on the two prettiest 2yr olds you ever saw with ballet slippers, fairy wings and flower wreaths on their heads.
This is the flower wreath I'm after. Maybe I’ll do one with lighter purple and one with darker purple flowers. Beautiful.

This is actually an ad for a photographer. Her wreath is all baby’s breath, but I love the shoes. It's a great picture of the sweet little flower girl surrounded by the bride's skirt.

It turns out Riley's already practicing for the shot:

(photo by Lara Coughlin) I didn't have a sweet little face peering out from under my skirt when I bought it. I think I like it better this way.


  1. Sometimes discontinued dresses are the best deals, bridal boutiques give the sample dresses to the thrift store for a tax credit, the thrift store sells it super cheap, and it often ends up on craigslist or ebay. There are a bunch of sites devoted to selling used bridal party dresses, I'll bring you a list next time I visit. Also, if you find what you want on a craigslist site in another state, many sellers will ship for you. Lastly, remember the white wedding dress I used a hunter green dye on, since it is not natural fibers it wasn't meant to be dyed, but it picked up enough color to turn a pale new leaf green (like the second Watters style you have pictured) which means if you find two flower girl dresses in a style you love but they are white, we can dye them and add light green ribbon sashes very easily. Just keep in mind what size the girls are estimated to be by the wedding date. Size up if you're unsure. Dresses are much easier to take in than to let out.

  2. ttp://
    Check out that link Katie! Jus what your lookin' for the fraction of those prices.
    That's a good one too! Jus google flower girl dresses cheap =)

  3. No prob! Wait'll you see em! They're so cute and CHEAP! We didn't have a flowergirl, so I'm jealous =)

  4. Hey Katie!

    It's Steph Nguyen. I tried to log in through my Google account, but feared losing my comment! :)

    omg, Riley is going to be the loveliest little flower girl ever!

    I had two resources that I wanted to share with you: - This is the wholesale florist that we used for our wedding. My arrangements and attendant flowers were *very* simple (large and mini Gerbera daisies with greenery mixed in), but gorgeous. We had the flowers arrive the day before the wedding and my 'maids and I had a flower-arranging party after the rehearsal dinner that night. The flowers arrived in refrigerated boxed via FedEx and were in perfect shape. - This is where I order all Hadley's hairbows and headbands from. They also offer a huge assortment of girly accoutrements at dirt cheap wholesale prices. Some of the stuff is of strictly dress-up quality IMHO, but the hair stuff I ordered was of wonderful quality. They sell fairy wings, ribbon wands, tutus, etc. - very good stuff for an enchanted affair, as well as plenty to use as a basis for DIY. - Absolutely my FAVORITE resource for brides who dance to the beat of their own drum. The forums are EPIC for gleaning inspiration, plus the essays are fun to read. Your post on marriage and maiden names makes me think that you will love it too.

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful dress for our fairy flower girls! I can't wait. Remind me when your wedding is...


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