Saturday, June 9, 2012

Drinkin', Dancing & Speechifyin'

It was a wonderful wedding for so many reasons. I love the bride and groom very much and have for a long time so seeing them make it official with a weekend full of personal touches was...well, wonderful. They held their shindig outside of Boston in a picturesque spot surrounded by woods. It was a big white hostel with big hills to roll or run down.

About 30 of us including the bride and groom stayed on site. It was fun, like summer camp, but with grown ups. There were kids both Isaac and Riley's age there too. The morning of the wedding there was a big, big breakfast and then everyone pitched in setting things up. After breakfast they had lawn games and everyone had a chance to mingle.

The ceremony backdrop was breathtaking:

Instead of choosing two wedding colors they choose the whole rainbow. It was a colorful event in every sense of the word.

They wrote their own vows and bound themselves with brightly colored pieces of fabric that guests had written one word wishes for their marriage on. It was a brief and delightful ceremony.

Then it was off to the tent to party. We had a buffet of barbecue treats for dinner complete with cornbread and mac and cheese. At which which point as the bride and groom had so decreed there was much "drinkin', dancin' and speechifyin'".

It was an amazing night and quite a party. Everyone, especially the kids, cut a rug at every opportunity. They guests really celebrate(unlike the guests at our Wednesday night wedding would fled early) no one wanted it to end. Which is saying a lot because I was up at 5am that morning. Lovely, lovely wedding. Despite the challenges (ahem Riley & Isaac this glare is for you) it was a wonderful, memorable, fun wedding.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here Comes The Bride

My wedding was over a month ago now, but apparently it's still on Riley's mind. She came out of her room and said "I'm a bride!". "Mommy, I say I DO!!" "Mommy you be a flower girl. I'll get you a baskick."

We'll be saving these pictures for her bridal shower some day. (:

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