Cast List


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Artist, Programmer, Swingset designer and Exotic pancake chef.

Maids: Team Bride:

Sandy (Maid of Honor): Middle School Other Half, Marketing Genius and World Record Holder for Most Wedding Magazines Read in a Single Year in 2009.

Jessie Megan: Little Sister Extraordinaire.

Lara: Photographer, Seamstress, Former Bride and Future Sister in Law.

Diana: Teacher, Baby Wrangler, and Flower Girl Producer.

Bekah (B.U.B. Bekah Unofficial Bridesmaid)Superwoman, Supermom, Super ring bearer producer, Super Duper BUB.

Men: Team Groom

Peter (Best Man):Connoisseur of Computer Games, Wearer of Hats and Daddy-to-be.

Randy: Rivals the Groom for Biggest Computer Nerd, Serious About Literature and Philosphy and Almost Nothing Else.

Chance: Studier of TaeKwonDo, Designer of Websites, and Taker of Pictures.

Isaac: Son of the Groom, Stepson of the Bride. Easily the strangest kid you've ever met. (Age in spring of 2012= 9yrs)

Flower Girls:

Miss Roo: Daughter of the Bride and Groom. The most beautiful creature that ever existed in our biased opinion. (Age in Spring 2012= 2yrs)

Miss Boo: Incomparable, precocious other half to Miss Roo. (Age in Spring 2012= 2yrs).

Bearer of Rings:

Jack: Riley's little boyfriend. (Age in Spring 2012= 2yrs)