Saturday, January 21, 2012

60 Days!

That means the wedding's not this month, it's next month. Holy Cow. We seem to be chugging along. A detailed budget was created (by Michael no less). All our vendors and frienders are nailed down. All of the girls have something to wear. The invitations are addressed and waiting for maps and stamps. Mike has made 3 of our estimated 10 centerpieces. He also decided to make my garter and bought materials for that. I've scanned all the pertinent pictures Mike and I possess for the slide show (family and friends are still gathering more).

It took me 72hrs to go through all of my photos scan and save them. It took me two hours to do Mike's and that includes pulling everything off the internet that other people we're nice enough to scan already. Finalizing is the name of the game these days: decor, time lines, music/play list, must take pictures, vows. The only things yet to be started are menswear and Mike's ring. Yeah, I think that's it...Oh, and supplies for the unity ceremony, but that's 30seconds and $5 of internet time.

Tomorrow is my 4th get together with my bridesmaids. The first was at my my house over the summer, the second was a nice dinner out while my sister was in town, the third was a surprise they planned for me so we could look at all the dresses together and tomorrow I'm taking them to lunch. I initially thought there would be envelope stuffing post lunch, but that's done so we'll probably focus on what I've forgotten, dates, times and completely unwedding related girl talk.

I talked to my friend, who was married in the fall, last night. She said she won't tell me not to stress because everyone does, but she told me about her wedding day. One of her girls showed up very late (like she wasn't sure if she'd be there when she walked down the aisle or not, kind of late). It just didn't matter once the day started. Not only that but she had been adamant that the walkway to her groom be lined with mason jars with candles. She didn't even realize until the day was over that they never got lit. So, I laughed and took a deep breath. Maybe now is the time to organize a bit more and let go because whatever happens that day will happen.


  1. You will stress, but it is just like you said. I was late to my wedding (just ask your sister as she was at the salon trying to bring you up as I ran out the door. Sorry, I really did care, but...) Maybe because I was late the boys forgot their flowers for their lapels. Strange people were stuffing my shoes, looking at my Fredrick's of Hollywood thong as they dressed me. But truly, none of it mattered.

  2. We were late to our wedding too! I got dressed there and was escorted to my hubby (civil war confederate ceremony at Bentonville Battleground in NC) and did not realize until we were officially 'married' and turned around that I had left my beautiful handmade bouquet in the bathroom! Oh well! lol Also there were biting flies that day and one bit Tony on the forehead and blood was dripping down his face while the preacher was talking - and the only thing I was thinking was 'oh no, please don't let blood get on my dress!

  3. Misty, That's so cool that I'm part of your wedding day memories even if it wasn't the happy part...

    Jean, you got your bouquet out of the bathroom later right? Was your reception inside? Those biting flies really hurt.


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