Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two Trees That Grow As One

Aside from Shakespeare one of my other great litteray loves is mythology. I'm a big fan of the love stories in particular. The story of Philemon and Baukis has been on my mind a lot because of all the tree related decor elements.

They were an elderly couple who were visited by Zeus and Hermes disguised as beggars. Zeus and Hermes wanted to "test" the hospitality of mortals. As you'd imagine they knocked on a lot of doors before they were finally admitted to Philemon and Baukis' tiny shack. This couple welcomed the pair of beggars and give them a place to rest and wash up. Even though they have very little they share all the food they have with the tired beggars.

Zeus and Hermes made sure the bowls magically refilled when they were emptied. This was terrifying to the elderly couple so they confess they are gods. Zeus informs them that the people who live all around them will be punished for refusing them, but their home will become a temple. They are granted a wish for being such good people. They wish to never be separated. So, when it is time for them to die they grow into two trees from on trunk. Intertwined for eternity.

It's pretty romantic. They have nothing, but their love and when they can request anything they've ever wanted they only want to make sure they're always together. All you need is love.

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