Monday, October 24, 2011

Update Monday

  • Started Writing Ceremony & Vows
  • Made Bridesmaids Totes With Cute Mushroom Tags
  • Left Custom Map in Capable Hands.
  • Got an Update on My Dress
Looking Forward To
  • Finishing the wedding time line and play list
  • Finishing a rough draft of ceremony and vows
  • Delegating some projects
  • Seeing my dress

I was suddenly awash with inspiration for vow and ceremony writing. I was just walking down the driveway when a phrase so humorous and appropriate hit me I had to say it out loud. I talked to myself most of that afternoon repeating the ideas until I could write them down. Funny how I had tried to sit down and write something and nothing came, but when it hadn't crossed my mind in a week or so there was plenty to say. I have a rough outline for the vows and I ordered a book for inspiration. I want to start working on the ceremony structure this week. I'm hoping to have rough draft of the whole ceremony by the end of the week.

Inspiration wasn't the only thing that struck me. I was also hit with some indecision or re-decision I suppose. I'm questioning my bouquet. I love it and if I have flowers those are them, but I might not want flowers anymore. On top of which I was on a DIY roll and started researching programs and now I'm completely torn. On the one hand I love the idea of making a poster sized program for guests to read as they pass by, but on the other hand I found a really cute, labor intensive DIY program idea. In both cases it boils down to either doing a ton of work (which may not be worth it) or buying something simpler (that may not be what I want).

I've given up ever getting the darn swatch from the boutique. I'll just take someone's dress down to the florist or something. It's irritating. How hard is is mail a piece of fabric? Come on, Jim Hjelm! Anyway, everything else seems to be rolling along at this point (fingers crossed).

149 days!

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