Friday, October 7, 2011

Snuggly Sentiments

We will have guests sign fabric with fabric markers and than those piece will be sewn together into a quilt. I love the idea of having something so practical with well wishes all over it. I also really love commemorating things on blankets. My friend made a first birthday quilt for her son with fabric the guests signed, I have a graduation blanket with the year I finished college on it and I've always want to make a t-shirt quilt. It's a good idea.

Here's how some other folks pulled it off:

It looks like these folks started with a finished quilt (unless this is the finished product). I love that someone drew a picture on a square. I anticipate lots of creative things from our guests (no pressure, Ha!). I don't like the monogram in the center square, but I definitely want the date. I think we'll put our whole names somewhere.

This couple obviously hand cut their fabric with pinking sears (yay, crafty DIY people). I don't know that I'm fond of all the squares being the same or having whites spaces to sign. I prefer the whole square be sign-able. We wouldn't want to stifle any creativity! I also think using a few different fabric gives it a "quiltier" look.

I found this image on Martha's wedding site. It didn't have any tips or templates so I guess it's just for inspiration. I love the sign! It appears to be made out of fabric. What's that another sewing project? Actually I think fabric glue would do the trick just fine. On the other hand what in the world would I do with it ever the wedding? Hmmm... Also I can't tell if they're asking people to sign the pre-made quilts in the background or if that's a stack of fabric on the table. Either way cute sign.

I was picturing displaying our center square (I just giggled because that made me think of Hollywood Squares) with some kind of sign for the quilt. Their seems awful little though so maybe it's just a tag they're stitching to the back or something. How modest. I want my name big and readable.

Another option is to have all the guest sign something and then embroider their messages into the fabric. Since, at least at this point, I don't have the capability to do this or the budget to hire someone this is probably not on the table.

As far as construction the best information I could find was on this sewing blog. I am blessed to marrying into a family that sews without which a lot of my DIY aspirations would never be realized.

As far as an explanation to guests I've found a poem making it's way around the internet that's sweet, but not for me as well as a few signs like these:

I just feel like there's a cuter, more clever way to do it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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