Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Return of Wedding Dreams

It could always be worse I suppose. Orpheus here lost his bride, Eurydice, on their wedding day. She was bitten by a viper. He did go to Hades and get her back. He played his lyre so sweetly the god of the underworld wept. Orpheus was allowed to bring her out of the underworld, but she violated the terms of her release by looking back and she was lost forever. Rough wedding day.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that my sister was Aunt Jackie from Roseanne. She was being really annoying and talking about herself at all my wedding events. Notably, she gave a toast at my rehearsal dinner about her upcoming wedding. I was so furious about her behavior and slightly confused by her age. It was really stressing me out.

When things were winding down and Mike and I were getting ready to go our separate ways for the night. I pulled him aside and warned him to be careful because there's a tradition of kidnapping the groom the night before his wedding. I was super worried about this in the dream.

It was stressful, but weird enough to make it comical in the light of day. Last night I dreamt that it was the day of the wedding and nothing had been done to set up the reception space. It was barren except for a single cardboard box in the middle of the floor with miscellaneous crap I didn't recognize. I was completely stressed and no one seemed to care! I was taking the packaging off some crazy lighted guest book frame thing and frantically searching for and easel to put it on for a large part of the dream.

My mom and sister appeared and insisted I was "too stressed" and we needed to go out to eat. Out. To. Eat. On my freaking wedding day when the room wasn't ready and I wasn't dressed! So, we ate out, but while at the restaurant I kept telling them to go easy because we paid for everyone to have a nice meal at the reception.

When I starting setting up again I realized I'd let the important and unfinished paperwork for the photographer and the caterer at home. I sent my mom to get it. I was really freaking out now because it had gotten dark and nothing was done. When she came back with the papers I was so relieved, but it turned out they were all wrong. I was completely perplexed. I did my best to fill them out, but they didn't make sense. Sometime around then I realized I hadn't seen Mike all day. That was my last thought in the dream before I woke up.

I think they'll only get weirder and more frequent from here I'm sure.

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