Tuesday, October 4, 2011

She Said Yes!

Don't you just LOVE a proposal story? I didn't do too bad for myself. Most of my friends had some great popping the questions moments too. The first story came from an indiebride message board.

Mr. L. proposed to me after work on my birthday. I came home to find the house filled with flowers and fairy lights EVERYWHERE - he must have had about a million strands. Me, like a total dope, didn't know what was going on - he said he wanted to make it pretty for my birthday and I bought it.

He gave me a present - a children's board book called "I like It when" - it's a mom and baby penguin listing all the things they like doing together. Very cute. He'd pasted in relevant tidbits from our relationship - i.e. the page that says I like when we listen to music together, he'd put in some concert tix, etc. About halfway through, there was a photo booth mugshot of me holding my name up in front (that he'd recently convinced me to take "for a book his brother was doing for his mom - she always forgets everyone's names"). On the next page was a picture of a friend of mine holding a sign that said "will" and I'm thinking, her name isn't 'Will'. Like I said - not the brightest. The next page was his nephew with a sign that said "vous" (he lives in France), the next page, his friend with a sign that said "marry" and I didn't recognize her, and asked what her name was, and it wasn't Mary, and THAT's when I got it. Then he had a picture of himself looking quizzical on the last page, and when I got there, he pulled out the ring. So sweet. Made me cry. "

Did you cry? I do every time I read it. And then there's my friends...

You've gotta to love a surprise proposal in front of Cinderella's Castle! I know I do.

I'm such a sap. Share your stories, please...

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