Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY Doubts

I'm sure you remember my bird's nest card box project. Generally, I'm pretty comfortable doing my own thing, but there's so many rules about wedding stuff. They call it etiquette. You get beat over the head with all the ettique when you doing any wedding research. I've started having a physical reaction to that word (think gag relax). That being said I think there's a reason or at least a reasonable root for most rules. So, when I posted pictures all over the wedding boards of my card box and got a lukewarm reaction I started to worry...

Maybe there was a reason everyone does the same stacked box design. Maybe they're supposed to be a certain shape and size. Maybe there's a reason they all have lids. Maybe there's a reason I couldn't find a single other bird's nest card box when I searched the internet. Maybe I was missing something. So, I started trying to find some rules or guidelines for card boxes. I had no luck. It was page after page of the same design in different colors...

After a while I decided to search for "card box without lid". Finally validation:

Cute stuff and certainly not the stacked box design. No lids. The more I thought about it I've been to wedding where guests just threw cards on the table. I think the lid is just for carrying convenience. Also, maybe I'm grossly underestimating the amount of cards we'll receive or people generally make them much bigger than they really need. I think even if every guest brought a card that's a 100 flat envelopes. They should fit in my nest.

I'm sad that I needed validation so much and that I let the lack of got to me so much. Speaking of I found this one and I love it:

Next time I get married we're going nerd wedding all the way!


  1. I think your idea with the birds nest was amazing, yes there is etiquette but no i dont think you need to follow any of it! I think no matter what you do that day, everything will be beautiful plus everything you and mike have ever wanted, dont let ppls same traditions ruin your great ideas!!

  2. I always thought the reason behind an enclosed card box was to help prevent theft...not sure! Hard for me to make suggestions since my experience was 35 years ago and no one had card boxes -Cindi

  3. I thought so too, but we don't enclose the gifts in anyway (maybe because it's harder to wlak out with one without being noticed). Everyone will have to be on the honor system

  4. Yea you can't exactly walk out with a wrapped gift but people assume that money/gift cards are inside the cards.... I assigned a person to keep an eye on the gift table @ Maria's wedding and collect the cards off of the table and put them away for her. Sad but true! Cindi

  5. My day of coordinater would be happy to keep an eye on my cards (or delegate someone) I'll add it to my "Day of List." I think we're going to have the gift table behind us anyway so people have to stop by and say hello when they drop things off.

  6. I loved your bird's nest, and all of the other card box ideas...I feel like i missed the boat on a small detail that could have been pretty awesome! Bekah

  7. Beks, I LOVED your fabric and button flower bouquets and center pieces so much, though. The fact that you got those beauties done with a 5ish month old is amazing.


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