Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Head To Toe: Maids

So, my girlies are pretty much set as well. For my attendants I went less whimsical and more classic 1950's. I fell head over heels for their dress and It's another part of my style as it were, so there you go.

It's called a chignon, apparently. I thought since I was doing half up with flowing curls it would be a nice contrast for them to wear their hair up. I want it low like this picture, but perhaps a bit messier. Maybe making a crisscross of hair above the beginning of the fold. Maybe some tendrils? It's going to look so nice with their dress.

They'll all have one of these in their hair on the side. It'll unify all the girls' dos since 3 will have their hair up and MOH's hair is too short for the chignon. They'll also have anemone wrist corsages and be carrying antiqued lanterns with anemones and dark green fern leaves instead of bouquets. My original wedding colors were black, white and emerald and it lives on in the maids.


My beauties all opted to do their own and I trust them to be radiant.

This is the necklace the girls agreed on. It's got a touch of classic style with the pearl and a some whimsy with the leaf. I really like it and I hope they all wear it again after the wedding. I gave them free reign for any other accessories they want.


It's Jim Hjelm Occasions style 5007. It's dupioni silk and tea length. We ordered it in emerald. So pretty. Much more fun than the plain strapless black dresses I was initially looking for. They should be in by January. I can not wait to see them in the right color.


I found these at Payless. Don't you love a little sparkle on a shoe? I'm very tiny so I insisted on flats and when I found these I let the girl choose the color they wanted. They all got black. So, all the girls will be head to toe black, white and dark green. I'm certain their shoes will get worn again. There's nothing like a simple black flat.

Ta-da, again!

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