Monday, October 10, 2011

Update Monday

  • Invitations have been printed and we're watching the mailbox.
  • Rough draft of wedding timeline and playlist
  • Hair & Makeup research
  • Contacted dress designer for progress pictures
Looking Forward To
  • More DIY
  • Getting our invitations
  • Finishing the final wedding play list
  • Ceremony writing
  • Seeing my dress

It was a slow week wedding-wise. I'm waiting for invitations to arrive and bridesmaids necklaces. The necklace would have been here by now, but I didn't like the boxes she normally uses so opted to wait for her to get different ones in. Micro manage? Nah. I know the bridesmaids will chuck the boxes shortly after receiving them, but I wanted to make sure if I gave them their necklaces with other gifts it would look good together. So, shiny scaly boxes out brown boxes in. I ordered another swatch from the boutique when we did the girls dress fittings the first week of September and I still haven't seen it. That's the second time that's happened too. I wish I had just told them I'd come pick it up when it came in. Duh.

Speaking of impatiently waiting for things, I asked my dressmaker for pictures of her progress. I'm dying to see what she's done so far. It seems like all the brides on the message boards are trying their dresses on for the first time since they ordered them. I feel left out, and for the first time since I chose it I feel anxious. I want to try it on, but I'm still a few months away from that.

For a while we're just waiting and trying to shake every loose penny into the wedding account for final balances and anything we haven't paid yet. I feel like the next two months we really need to buckle down and squirrel as much as we can away before the holidays. As soon as the holidays are over vendors will start needing the remaining balances and they'll be lots of last minute stuff. It's scary how close it is when I think of it in those terms. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, My Birthday, Valentines and then Bam! Wedding.

163 days!

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