Sunday, October 2, 2011

May I Have This Dance? (More Disbaled Bride Issues)

Last night I insisted on "practicing" for the wedding. I had Mike fire up our song. To recap, my groom is well over a foot taller than I am and I do not have the balance for heels. I also have a recently fused spine so dancing is a lot more difficult logistically than it's even been.

I have always loved to dance despite my complete lack of rhythm. I have danced with every boy I've ever loved at some point. This will be the most important dance we ever dance (and possibly the last time we ever dance together in public). I snatched the plastic stool Riley uses to reach the bathroom sink so I could dance comfortably with Mike. The height difference was mildly annoying when I could bend my back now if I push to hard against my fused spine I get spasms. I do not want those on the wedding day.

So, I was all set for a romantic slow dance on a plastic stool. It wasn't romantic. I swayed a bit on the stool, but it wasn't really dancing. We discussed platforms, stools and even roller skates. I was irritated that it should be so complicated. I've never had to spend months planning to slow dance before. I just got up and did it before. While there are other challenges like getting down the aisle I'd rather do without than torture myself over the first dance is something I really want. I was feeling completely depressed by our failure to slow dance when Mike pointed out he can't dip me. Fused spinal column strikes again! For Pete's sake.

In the worst case scenario I'd have to dance in the wheelchair which seems like a pretty awkward proposition. Poor giant groom hunched over bride on wheels? Or on his knees? I'd rather he just held me up like he does with Riley if it came to that. Why does it have to be so complicated? If any brides disabled or otherwise have any words of wisdom I'd be extremely grateful.

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