Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bookish Brides

A friend recently referred to my yen for organization it's true and I think through research is just another branch or that.

  • Real Simple Weddings
  • The DIY Bride & DIY Bride Crafty Countdown
  • The Knot's DIY board
  • Martha Stewart Weddings The DIY Issue
  • Etsy
  • Pinterest
  • Other people's wedding photos
Not Useful
  • The Knot's Big Book of Lists
  • Wedding Magazines in general
  • Wedding Shows (For practical planning ideas. They're great for entertainment)

I've been loving the store bought wedding planning binder I got this summer (The Bride's Essential Wedding Planner). The pages are well worn and nary a worksheet unused as long as it was applicable in some way. I found most of the worksheets and forms online for free after the fact at Click. Always, my friends Google before you shell out the big bucks on any planning resource. The Knot's Big Book of Lists Sounded handy, but it's incredibly generic and only offers note space in the margins. Not worth weighting down your purse with if you ask me. I should have waited to write in it until I have read it a little more. Oh, well.

I thoroughly enjoyed Offbeat Bride. It was a fun read as well as informative. It mad me feel validated in being as traditional or nontraditional as I want on a case by case basis. The Everything Wedding Book is also chalk full of interesting information. I like that it's easy to skip to exactly what you're looking for.

I got my mom the Everything Mother of the Bride Book. My mom found a lot of it didn't apply to our situation (she's not writing the checks/married to my dad/meeting vendors without me). It was also a little dense. Other than that it seemed well written.

So tell me, tell me friends what was the wedding/event planning resource you found the most useful?

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  1. we have The Wedding Book by mindy weiss with lisbeth levine. it's really big, but very good and gets very specific and isn't too silly and girly. it's especially good for us because there are jewish-specific things in there that we can inco...rporate into our mixed wedding - the authors are jewish wedding planners. it doesn't tell you what you need to do or how there's only one way to do it, unlike lots of other resources; the knot website still tells us we have like 200+ things we haven't done, 10 days out! uh, yeah, we aren't doing all 5000 things we NEED TO HAVE for a successful wedding!

    also, melissa made a huge excel spreadsheet with multiple pages with many columns. guests, tentative and definite coming, gifts, addresses, special needs (kosher, wheelchair, child meals), budgets (planned and actual - also helps with organizing planning), seating, etc. etc. etc. etc....... ;-) i'm glad she uses it for work and can get around excel easily! but, makes planning seem like work too ;-(

    good luck!!!


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