Monday, October 17, 2011

Update Monday **Big News**

  • Invitations arrived.
  • Bridesmaids jewelry came!
  • Started designing our custom map
  • Wrote my first vendor review
  • Decided on hair and make-up
  • Scheduled hip surgery
Looking Forward To
  • Recovering from hip surgery
  • Finishing the final wedding play list
  • Ceremony writing
  • Seeing my dress

It was an even slower week wedding-wise than last week. The difference is this time there were packages! The invitations are great, but you already know about that. The bridesmaids necklaces are much prettier in person. Shinier and more delicate than the photos. She put them in this pretty brown boxes with sheer emerald colored ribbons tied around them, so lovely. It was worth the wait. I'm so glad I asked for those boxes.

Still no dress pictures, but the longer the dressmaker is out of town the longer I can wait on my next payment to her. Positive spin, you see. I'm dying to see what it looks like so far. I wish I could sew or at least understand how dress construction works. I wish I could stop thinking about my dress. I just can't. I want to not care, but it seems more down hill now. The holidays are approaching and my wedding is on the other side of them. AAAHHHH!

I'm still worried about the budgeting through the holidays challenge. On top of which I'm having hip surgery on November 7th. In a few weeks a wonderful doctor, one of the only ones in the country who can, will re-sculpt my hip bones so they no longer grind together. No artificial hip, yay! Enough time to heal to the point of dancing at my reception, yay! Surgery on top of life, motherhood and wedding planning. Oy.

156 days!

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