Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Family Affair (Crossover Post)

It's crossed my mind more than a few times how grateful I am that my kids will be at the wedding. I fell into motherhood mid-stream with Isaac and it's a lovely idea to choose each other again. When we started planning the wedding he was ring bearer age and now he's a groomsman. He's growing up so fast! In typical boy fashion his mind is in his stomach, it's all about the food. He's most excited for the "biggest cake" he's "ever seen!". Also, to show off his dance moves, I'm sure.

Riley is such a girlie girl the whole idea of a wedding is magical to her. That's my wedding dress she peaking out from. Her face lights up when she talks about her pretty dress and her flower crown. She loved seeing me in my dress after the hair trial. She said I had "princess hair". It's absolutely adorable how excited she is.

I think it makes every already intimate, meaningful, memorable thing that much more so. I am vowing to love Mike forever in front of the most important people in my life, my kids. It's a big deal. I used to be sad that we had done it all out of order, but now I feel blessed. It was the timing that was right for us. It's such a gift to have pregnancy and infancy behind me. It's an amazing thing to have my two big kids with me on such a special day.

I don't envy the young newly weds who have no idea what lays ahead. I love that we are a functional family unit and we're promising to keep on, keeping on. It's such a nice feeling.

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