Monday, February 13, 2012

Update Monday!

  • I did my hair trial (and turned 30).
  • Mike and I got our regisrty up and running.
  • I sent out an RSVP reminder
  • and scared up a few more.
  • Watched Father of the Bride Thanks Dad!
  • Contacted all vendors for arrival times on the day of.
  • Started final day of timeline and picture list.
  • Had a Bridal photo session with the lovely Lara.
  • Found a chalkboard for our seating chart.
  • Made some Valentines!
Still Looking Forward To
  • A make-up plan
  • The rest of the RSVPs
  • Phone meeting with photographer.
  • Finding the boys their tie.
  • Deciding on shoes
  • Decorating the flower girl baskets
  • My shower and bachelorette party
  • Making table names
  • Making our thank you banner
  • The wedding!!

I have been overwhelmed with flattering compliments about our execution of our theme. Yippe! Watch out David Tutera. Everyone really enjoyed our invitations. Those who have seen our centerpieces have been stunned (me among them). Recently, I showed some online bride friends a picture of me in the dress with my wedding hair and they had wonderful things to say. I think at this point it's just little odds and ends and paperwork left for me. Mike has centerpieces to finish, a ring to make, lighting to design, ties to pick out, vows to write and a bacholer party to attend. Procrastinator.

I must say there have been quite a few surprises in our RSVPs. I was sure of a few people making it out who won't and very plesantly surprised by a few I was pretty sure wouldn't who can. We went from 60 guests who hadn't responded to 28 after my emails went out. Yay, me! Now I'm dying to hear from the last few groups. It sounds like a super fun crowd so far.

37 days

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