Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hair Trial (& Happy Birthday!!)

The Inspiration

I wanted flowy, curly princess hair with my headpiece woven into it. Something like this:

The Practical Bit

If you're anything like me by the time you're preparing for your wedding it's been years since you had an up-do professionally (like senior prom). I couldn't remember whether to wash my hair right before or not. Here's the article I read. To sum up, wash your hair the day before and let it air dry if you want it to hold a curl. If you can stand it they even recommend sleeping with gel in your hair so it'll sculpt well. I opted not to do the last part.

Ask a lot questions before you go in. Not everyone does up-dos anymore. I tried to book someone to come to me, but I couldn't swing the cost of hair, make-up, travel and tip especially since it had to be paid half upfront and half two weeks before the wedding. Too much money and hassle. I have an evening wedding and no other errands to run so I asked around at salons. My normal lady doesn't do up-dos, my second choice didn't either, but she recommend Laurie. Her exact words were "She's the up-do expert".

Before I booked the trial I got the price range for up-dos starting to maximum. I rightly assumed with Rapunzel length hair I'd be at the high end (which was still $20 less than the base price of having someone come to me). I decided I'd wait to book my wedding appointment until I'd had my trial. I also booked my trial on the same day of the week as the wedding. The last brilliant move on my part was printing my hair pictures the minute I hung up the phone and putting them in my purse so I couldn't forget them.

The Result

I told her woodsy princess, not castle princess. Ta-da!

The Front

One Side

The Other Side

The Back

Just for fun!


  1. Wow, your hair looks beautiful! I love the earthy feel to it!

  2. Gorgeous hair! :)


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