Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't Assume Anything...

The venue emailed me yesterday and said if you're over X many guests we need to arrange a parking valet. It's required and part of our package, but only if we're over a certain number. I felt like I'd been handed a final exam I hadn't study for. Um...uh...well...hmmm...I had something like 60 guests yet to respond last week and the deadline was approaching so I sent out a simple email reminder to those folks with RSVP instructions and got it down to 30 guests.

Now they want me to read 30 minds the week before my RSVP deadline?!? Stress. I counted all of the outstanding folks as yes and got a maximum and then I made my best guesses on who would come and who wouldn't and got another one. I wanted to cry. I was unprepared, which isn't something I'm comfortable being. On top of which I hate numbers. I don't know what percentage has declined so far...AAAAAHHHHH!!!

I asked Mike to make a guess and sent her that, praying it was in the neighborhood since we're on the cusp of not needing a parking valet. Ugh. After the instant migraine from being put on the spot had calmed I started sending out very personal emails, messages and texts just asking for people to let me know. I even made some phone calls. At the end of the day I'd gone from 30 no responses to 18 so not bad.

Still, the deadline I gave is after the venue needs to know and my deadline for RSVPs is 7 days from now. My original theory that people who couldn't come were dragging their feet to avoid hurting our feelings is less creditable considering all of the people who have declined. I'm starting to wonder if people just don't want to talk to me at all. It's making me very sad and I refuse to write off the final 18 as I know some of them were planning on making it. I can't assume and RSVP for them that seems rude. Way ruder than having to point blank ask someone if they're coming.

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