Friday, February 17, 2012

And Time Can Do So Much

I started this blog nine months ago and I got engaged in 2009. There's been some substantial time since I started planning until now. Now that I've done it, it seems so silly to decide what you're going to wear eight months before you know what the rest of the event will look like. Even when you have a cohesive theme, good taste and creative ability the time between decisions is tricky. I think this is why David Tutera has a show.

I got it wrong the first time. I pictured a heavy, traditional ball gown. Groomsman in black tuxes and bridesmaids in black strapless dress. I pictured all this formality and traditionalism. Then I considered the venue, my physical capabilities, the flowers, etc. Now I have a flowy ethereal dress. Groomsman in dress shirts and ties and bridesmaids in emerald dupioni silk tea length dresses straight out of the 50's.

I have regrets now that we're a day or two shy of a month. I wish I'd seen the whole big picture concept a little more clearly. I wish I'd purchased bridesmaids dresses off the sale racks at Kohl's after Christmas rather than at a boutique. I wish I'd been thinking more practically about my shoes from the beginning. I wish I'd known what everyone was wearing before I chose all the flowers. I kindda wish we had hired a DJ. Well, no neither us wants to give up control of the play list, but I wish I'd hired a friend to be in charge of compiling, organizing and running the play list (maybe because that's one of my last to-do's). I also would have started saving earlier so we could have a honeymoon trip. I might have structured my timeline differently, maybe. I don't know...

I'm worried that everything won't look like it goes together since I choose everything separately at different times. Really, maybe the bridesmaids dresses would have been more cohesive if they had been a more flowy fabric. Maybe Mike's right about all the many shades of green not "going together". I should have done a tiered stand with donuts instead of a cake...grumble.

Hindsight is 20-20? Or expectations are premeditated resentments? Or don't count your chickens before they hatch? No, it's more of a build up to a climax thing. You spend a year of your life focusing on a decision at a time, but then you are confronted with the big picture when you get this close and doubt sets in. You start to worry about whether you invited everyone you should have, picked the right food, asked the right questions and paid the right amounts?

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