Monday, February 20, 2012

Update Monday!!

  • Booked my make-up trial.
  • Got un-responded RSVPs down to single digits. Tomorrow's the RSVP deadline.
  • Final draft of ceremony intro
  • Got some gifts (:
  • Finished photographers paperwork.
  • Ordered more stamps. We should have started with a roll of them (save the dates, invites, paperwork and thank yous).
Still Looking Forward To
  • My make-up trial
  • The end of the RSVPs
  • Phone meeting with photographer.
  • Finding the boys their tie.
  • Nailing down kid logistics for pre-wedding events and our post wedding kid break.
  • Mike's Bachelor Party
  • The wedding!!

First, I will clear up why I am looking forward to Mike's bachelor party. He's not doing a night of bar hopping. Not because of any limits I imposed. He really wanted a camping weekend. Awesome. I love him and I want to promise the rest of my life to him, but get out! Give me some time when I don't have to clean up after you or try to sleep while you work with bedroom light on. Don't worry we registered for a desk lamp. Just a quiet night with me and the kids while he and his friends drink beers by the fire and talk all their boy BS. Yes, I'm excited.

I think we've got two families yet to respond. The invitation process is soooo long I clicked the “invitation” tag on a blog post yesterday and I had written 14 posts about it. Phew. I really enjoyed designing them once we chose them and the initial influx of RSVPs, but the end of the process sucks. I started drawing the floor plan the venue asked for, but my stragglers make up an entire table. I have to wait until the deadline tomorrow and then call them. One way or another we'll have a final headcount this week, so exciting.

Next Monday the wedding will be less than a month away. Now I understand why so many girls call in a wedding planner last minute on those TV shows. I am so over my to do list. I thought by now it would be done. It's like a mythological monster every time I strike down a task three more sprout up in it's place.

30 days!!!

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