Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bridal Beauty

So, I finally booked a make-up trial. Unlike my hair I have no confidence in my ability to make make-up decisions. I've had my makeup done professionally for photo shoots, films and stage productions, but never for a personal event of this magnitude. I have no idea what I want.

I know that I need it to last through the whole day. I know that I want to still look like me. I know that I do not want it to look heavy and caked on. I do not want a indoor, formal, red carpet kind of look. As far as what I do what...advice I guess.

I uploaded a cropped image of me after my hair trial with no make up and played with the ivillage make over tool.


Look One:

I like this, but the eyes aren't right. I tried some dark greens and grays, but it looked too bruise-y. I like the mascara, foundation and blush though. I want some drama and maybe shimmer for my eyes.

Slight variation...I just don't know. My comfort zone is pretty small. I played with green shadow, gray, lavender and no shadow with liner variations. I think drama and sparkle sound easier to achieve than they are...


  1. Even the 'Before' shot looks great, so whatever you decide will be fine! Bob

  2. I love the hair!!! And the blush of pic one. I say a light sparkle shadow with some pinkish to pick up the flower in our hair, dark eyelashes and a light lip = ) Jessica

  3. I love the second one! It looks more toned down and natural. I think I need to check out this tool you used!

  4. With blue eyes, you should go for some kind of light burnt orange/brown color, it'll make your eyes pop (it does mine) minimal blush, and if you're a cryer like me, go get your eyelashes dyed and then you don't have to worry about mascara tracks down your face. (it's like 20 bucks, and I thought it was worth it) I used bare minerals mineral veil, but I suggest Makeup Forever HD Powder, Microfinish powder as an all over powder to put on top of everything. Go light. That's my advice


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