Thursday, February 2, 2012

RSVPs Are Fun!

This is not my reply card. I chose to save the trees and stamps and invite everyone to reply online. My website is linked to my guest list and my seating plan. If I had one though I would have definitely included options like "enthusiastically decline".

To prevent confusion on how far to take my Midsummer Night's Dream theme I wrote "no costumes" underneath "semi-formal" on the back of our map. So, Mike's Aunt and Uncle wrote a this note:

We feel terrible about this, but we lost our tenant in Tennessee and need to inspect the premises, and due to scheduling (including (Mike's Aunt) starting her professorship) our first opportunity to go will be the week of March 19. We will toast you with Jack Daniels on your special day. Great invite, but (Mike's Uncle) is major bummed about the costume interdiction, so it's probably for the best.

I'm still laughing about the last line. Here are some funny ones other bride’s have received:

The ____ family will be attending your wedding. (the new baby) will bring poop, (their toddler) will too if your lucky, the bride changes those right?
Another one of her guests wrote this quote on theirs: Rodney Dangerfield - "I haven't spoken to my wife in years. I didn't want to interrupt her."

I've read about guests bedazzling the response card or including confetti or rice in the envelope. I love the enthusiasm! Another March bride told me her relative:
Drew a little picture of herself holding a champagne glass then wrote "With bells on!" underneath.

I read about people adding adverbs to the accept or decline lines. "I happily accept" etc. I've even heard of people editing their meal choices. A friend told me that since her wedding was on a boat it said "I get seasick, respectfully decline" to which her guest responded:
I don't actually get sea sick, I just can't make it.

Some helpful people even added extra postage to the reply envelopes even though the bride had already added sufficient postage. I think it would've been fun to get responses in the mail, but there's a lot to be said for the instant gratification of electronic response. I've been refreshing the guest list and website hits like a crazy person since the day after invitations went out. I had a whole bunch come in quickly and now it's been nothing for a whole day...

Ok, married folks do you remember any witty response or confused ones? Did it seem like days with response took twice as long as the ones when you got at least one RSVP?

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  1. I was worried that that was your RSVP card! LOL. I didn't get any funny responses, just remember not getting ALOT of them back & having to call people along with all the millions of last minute things I had to do. That was a royal PITA! Michele


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