Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ceremony Structure

We had a meeting over the weekend with our officiant and decided on the details. I submitted a very basic outline of:

Ceremony Welcome
Irish Blessing-Read by my dad.
A word about the unity ceremony's significance.
Unity ceremony while Mike's dad reads Love passage.
Vows and Rings
Pronounce us Married.

There are so many moving parts within that simple structure so many words and details. I can see why most people go with the old standard. That being said she found some lovely wording and symbolic gestures in her research. Weddings are a very old concept and people have been writing lovely things about them for ages. So many options.

We chose not to do a hand fasting in our ceremony. It's a Celtic wedding tradition where the bride and groom's clasped hands are bound together and a prayer is said. It's thought to be the basis for "tying the knot". It's kind of a nice idea (and growing in popularity), but way too literal for Mike and I. I loved hearing all the options for those kind of symbolic moments though. We also opted out of breaking a glass, jumping a broom, sipping wine together and few others.

I think we're keeping it simple and deeply personal. We will invite God to bless our union (and family), our family and friends to show their support and hear the vows we wrote each other. Remember, it doesn't take much to be married. If you don't have the final word over any other part of your wedding day I think it's important to consider that your ceremony is the foundation on which you make promises to each other that should guide you through your lives together. Make it really count for you (the bride and groom).

I would also add if your religious beliefs allow don't make people wait too long to eat. Seriously, I think you can have an incredibly meaningful day and still be considerate of guests without going to far out of your way. That is hopefully what we have done.


  1. Jump the broom? I know someone who did that. She was a very unique individual! LOL! Diana

  2. Yeah, I don't really do "jump" well. If trip over the broom had a romantic conotation I could swing that for sure. (:


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