Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Ramblings

If Mike and I were into plastic mini me style cake toppers this one would win hands down. It's very us. I like that he's taller and lifting her up and she has a flower like mine. I'm terribly nervous the cake topper I want will never be in stock again. My brilliant maid of honor suggested checking E-bay. Duh, there are always people trying to unload wedding stuff they'll never use again. The issue being I don't like the stuff everyone else likes so there was nothing even approaching the cake topper I want. Speaking of "recycling" wedding stuff I think I'm going to re-invent the ring pillow someone gave me for a friends wedding and then again for my own. I can't tell you how much it thrills me to think of a $10 pillow being used at least 3 times.

Mike and I were brainstorming table name ideas for a friend's wedding last night and it occurred to me how many brilliant ideas we won't be able to use on the wedding. Until now it was just DIY projects I'd have to save for one of the kids birthday parties, but now we had some great ideas that would only be fun at a gathering of adults. Maybe that's what drive people to have second weddings. Honestly, at this point in planning I'm excited never to have to do this again so I just don't see it.

I'm still very much on the fence about the invitations, but the florist called with a decor idea that is making me lean more heavily one direction. Because everyone knows the invites have to match the decor, ha! I just hate being on the fence about stuff. I'm a decider, but between my unpredictable other half and all the options sometimes I feel like I'm blowing fuses. I am currently waiting for Mike to sketch the picture for the invitation. I know what most people I asked liked and which one fits better in the budget, but I need a clearer picture of the finished product.

Tomorrow night is the Bride's Night Out event. I'm excited to get out and doing something weddingy because there's been very little action after paying for my part of bridesmaids dresses. I thought we were going to have my whole wedding party and then some, but I'm cool going by myself if it comes to it. I promise to write all about it which reminds me I have to plug in my camera.

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  1. i like this post a lot!!! love the recycled pillow, and we are having problems finding simple cake-toppers too! we want a J, an & and a M (J&M), but can't find something simple. we don't really want plastic "mini-us" - a lot of them look cheapish.

    one tip if you are using a pillow (depending on how to secure the ring to it): if you are using string or more likely ribbon to tie the ring(s) to the pillow, do NOT tie it too tightly. the knot won't come out! even if it's a bow - thin ribbon can get very tight. i was performing at a wedding in a huge old church in baltimore, and the minster/priest? couldn't untie the ribbon. we tried a key to cut it since it was available, and after it didn't work, the organist had to run to the kitchen in the back somewhere to get a knife or scissor. it was funny and cute, but a waste of time and made everyone kind of embarrassed! -Justin


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