Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles...

Begins with finally agreeing to and designing invitations! Mike and I nearly called off the wedding over our invitations. Ok, I'm being over dramatic but not by an incredible amount. Yes, it matters to us. I'm sorry to be shallow. We're event planner kind of people who want everything to be just so,we just are. It boiled down to this he wanted the engraved (aka more masculine and expensive ones) and I wanted painted ones (aka more girly and less expensive).

I originally budgeted $70 for "simple handmade invitations". I thought I'd take an afternoon,some card stock and one of Mike's drawings and make something. They're only invitations, people just throw them away afterward (with few exceptions). The problem was I couldn't find inspiration for the project. Then I found (and Mike and I agreed on) wooden invitations. Thus, killing the DIY notion.

Here's what we started with sample-wise:

Earlier on I reported slow response to messages, but that only applies to the pre-ordering period. She has been very quick to respond to messages and make changes to the design. She's been great to work with and it's alot less stressful to boss around a stranger than to try to get my groom to finish a project. We're on our third proof and it keeps getting better and better. It's very exciting.

I don't want to give too much away, but I will say we've cut down our verbose wording and added some more color. We also added fairies of course. It's been really fun watching them evolve. I think when they're done I'll do a slide show of all the proofs. Yay, invitations are happening!

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