Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Next Big Decision: Invitations

Remember the whole warehouse vs boutique discussion? Well it turns out the "boutique" (Wood Chick Studios on Etsy) who took longer because they insisted on using our wording mailed the sample and didn't tell me because it came yesterday. In a pretty envelope with our names in fancy emerald font on the front as opposed to the ziploc bag inside a FedEx envelope the others came in.

Here's how the laser engraved alder invites shipped.

And here is how the other one shipped.

It's another silly girl thing I suppose, but having the birch sample arrive just as it would for the guests was exciting. I know the other place couldn't ship that way because they sent me three samples. I am also aware that volunteering to use our exact wording was a manipulation. Of course I'm drawn to the one with my name on it. Beyond all that are the practical things, however.

Alder in a custom size (7.5 x 5.5)

Alder in small size (5.8 x 4.1)

Alder in standard size (6.7 x 4.8)

The birch only comes in a size comparable to the standard from the other company.

So, there they are. You can't get the full experience looking and the picture (I'm so glad we ordered samples). They are a very different sensory experience than a paper invitation.

Alder(From Lazerdesigns)

The Yays!

  1. They are laser engraved.
  2. They have a richer wood color. (not veneers)
  3. They smell amazing, like the woods.
  4. They were very prompt replying to all communications.
  5. They did not charge me for samples.
  6. They will completely customize them to our design and size.

The Boos

  1. They do not provide envelopes.
  2. They do not have color.
  3. All that rich, durable wood has a masculine feel.
  4. They only accept orders in groups of 25. So we'd have to order 50 and keep the extras.
  5. They are more expensive. (because they use higher quality materials)

The Birch

The Yays

  1. It's in full color.
  2. It mailed in a regular envelope
  3. I've already seen it with our wording
  4. It's a lighter wood (more feminine and easily mailable)
  5. They send me the sample for free
  6. I can order any number of invitations I choose.
  7. They're less expensive
  8. They include envelopes (although Mike insisted they're not good enough and we'd buy our own anyway).

The Boos

  1. They are very slow to reply (or they don't communicate at all).
  2. The ink is flush as opposed to the texture of the engraving.
  3. They will take longer to produce.
  4. They smell like a tongue depressor as opposed to the woods.

No matter which place we choice Mike will be drawing an image to use so it wouldn't be either of the trees you see in the samples. I do like the "curly willow" with our initials in it. Diabolical as those darn Disney World commercials. Alright, blog fans what do you think? Leave me your impressions and feedback in the comments.


  1. My fav is the one with color! Its so pretty and you are so damn creative girly! Jasandra

  2. While I LOVE the concept, none of them quite hit the nail on the head for me. (You can beat me later). It prefer the Birch overall. I think once you add your personal touches, it will be better. Just not "ethereal" enough now for my take on your take...

  3. Jasandra- Does it still count as creative if I've buying someone else's home made stuff?

    Misty-No beating. I agree, too everyday as is. I'll fix that.

  4. I'm for the one w/ color too... Cindi

  5. Not sure. Depends on what you want to say with your invites. Like you said, the color ones are more feminine but I think that the laser ones could be feminine once they say what you want, and have the willow on them. It also seems like d...ealing with a warehouse where you have awesome customer service removes one of the stresses from planning. I think if it were me, I'd go with the laser ones and then you can choose exactly what type of envelope you want and make that all girly and pretty with green. (could you paint into the grooves to add color?) Emily

  6. I love love love the hand painted invite. It is beautiful. The other one is great too, but i get more of a wall plaque vibe with it than an invitation. But both are great! Rachel

  7. Both are amazing! I know that doesn' t help lol. I like the birch better. The little bit of color in the leaves of the tree and your names really adds a nice accent. You really can't go wrong with either though :-) S.

  8. I definitely like the lighter, painted one better. Though I love the pattern on the one off to the left in the group pic! T.

  9. If I had to choose I'd do birch! W.

  10. I like the birch one better. :) Britt

  11. I like the Birch one best :) but they are all beautiful!!

  12. They are both very unique and pretty, so you can't go wrong! BUT, I absolutely love the 1st one with the painted birch tree. I love the tree itself with the beautiful leaves, the little detail with you and your fiance's initials in the heart on the trunk, the color changes for your names and the font. The second one is nice, more subtle, but I like more color and detail, so I'm drawn to the 1st one. And, the 1st one has a whimsical type of feel to it, which I also love.

    Good luck choosing!! :)


  13. Wow this is tough! They are both really pretty! I am also going to vote for the 1st one. I LOVE the detail of the your initials in the tree trunk and I love the pop of color Jess

  14. The close up birch. It seems more weddingy to me. I love the heart on the tree and the spashes of color. Bell

  15. I like the last one...a lot!

  16. I like the Birch. I'm a sucker for hearts carved into trees. I think it's so romantic and throwback and cute. Also, I think wood is kind of a serious material, so it's nice to balance it out with a more whimsical design like the close up birch. It's got a little color and a little more fun.

  17. Honestly I am on the fence. I like the birch bc of the whimsical feel but I like the alder bc it reminds me of a ranch style and being from Texas I have a soft spot for that :)

  18. I like the birch because the pop of color makes it for me. Brianna

  19. I like the birch better, visually. However, I would probably go with whichever is lighter and thus cheaper to ship out en mass.

    Both are beautiful and totally unique. Nice work!!

  20. i love birch!
    very pretty

  21. I personally like the birch better, but it depends on your event. The adler feels more "rustic" or "shabby chic". The birch feels more modern and clean. I agree that color will show better on the birch.

  22. I have to say the birch..

    And our guest book is made out of birch and we love it! Deana

  23. Are you serious?! I've never seen this done before, these are amazing!!

    Knowing your theme though, gotta go with the birch as PP said. Painted birch all the way!

  24. Wow, I love these! Both are wonderful, but I guess the birch is just this little bit nicer.


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