Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Off And Limping...

Today was not the kind of crafting day where I did Martha proud. I'm attempting to make a bird's nest card box. I started by unraveling two grapevine wreaths. I can't take credit for the idea of unraveling grapevine wreaths, my florist mentioned it when we were discussing decor. I got two small wreathes one of thinner springy-er vine and one of thicker more rigid vine. The first of which was infinitely easier to work with, obviously. Aside from being thicker and more rigid the other wreath also had thorns.

After a lot (like 2hrs) of manipulation I got the springy-er wreath into the right size circle. I wrapped it with pale green raffia and was quite pleased with myself. I went back to the other wreath with renewed vigor. I started this project trying to wrap the vine around the base of a bowl and realized it takes two pairs of hands to make that work (which I didn't have). I also realized why people don't often make bird's nests big enough for card boxes.

I was unsuccessful in stretching the second wreath to the right size by hand. So, knowing the bowl wasn't working I starting looking for something else to use as a base. I didn't have any baskets the right size I could cannibalize. I did find the a few things to try, but in the end hot glue wouldn't hold it so it didn't matter. Sigh.

Thus, through all my experimentation I decided I should have started with much larger wreathes. I'd only have to hallow them out to make room for cards and decorate. Duh. I'll get supplies tonight to try what now seems to be the more logical method. Wish me luck!

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  1. thin jewelers wire may give you the hold you need and better flexibility with the wines


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