Monday, September 12, 2011

Update Monday!

We're off to a good start, I'm posting updates on "Update Monday".

  • Had Bridesmaids dinner & dress fittings!
  • Got my headpiece, I'm so bride-y.
  • Received first invite samples and the second ones have shipped!
  • Have completed my Bridechilla wedding planning course.
  • May have found a Mother/Son Father/Daughter dance song, phew.
  • All bridesmaids dresses are bought and paid for.
Looking Forward To
  • Bride's Night Out Event with all my local bridesmaids & Jasandra on Thursday night!
  • Picking invitation vendor and getting our design finished (Mike's drawing it)
  • Ring shopping
  • Figuring out the other half of flower girls' dresses
  • Getting wedding play list rough draft finished

You thought last week was a bridesmaids love feast around here! What a great group of girls. We had a great dinner on Wednesday. I'm so glad the moms came too! I'm also thrilled beyond belief to have my group shot. I also took one with each of them which I might use for wedding party bio post. I'm lucky they all love having pictures of things as much I do. I had them out Wednesday and then again Thursday! I'm such a beast, I know! We did dress fittings Thursday. Now all my beauties have their "ball gowns". I can't wait to seem they in their actual dresses (in emerald!!). They should be in after the holidays. Check that off the to-do list!

As if two weeknights last week weren't enough, all my amazing bridesmaids signed on (and my future mother in law) to go to a Bride's Night Out event at an art gallery on Thursday night. I swear I don't pick weeknights for all my pre-wedding events on purpose. It just keeps working out that way. I honestly thought Lara and I would be representing the wedding party for this one (props to Lara for finding the event!). I'm also so thrilled that my other favorite bride-to-be is joining us. Wedding planning loves company.

Speaking of wedding planning company, my wedding planning e-course ended this week. I have a post course wrap up tonight and two months to use the course resources online. It'll be the very last time I make Mike put the kids to bed so I can talk wedding. At this point all the big guns have been hired. There's tons and tons of decisions and purchases to make. I have the whole wedding's play list to organize, gathering pictures for the slide show, figuring out the flower girls dresses, ceremony writing to do, crafts (card box, bridesmaids totes, wedding party shirts, programs, etc) and (sigh) a honeymoon to nail down.

191 days!

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