Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marrying Mr. Know-It-All

I love Michael very much. Over all he has been great during wedding planning so far. He is a very smart man, but he tends to get carried away. He likes to think he's an expert on things he doesn't know much about. Like languages he doesn't speak, cities he's never been to and recently wedding related information.

The other night when I brought up wedding rings he insisted no one wears their engagement ring and wedding band together. Wrong. All of my friends married in the last 5yrs do. My mother did, his mother did. He said not only should I not wear both, but that I should wear only my engagement ring because it'll be the prettier of the two. What? Sorry, if a girl leaves a ring in the jewelry box it is not the wedding band. The wedding band is an everyday, forever accessory.

He insisted if I got the eternity band I wanted it would "get crud in it". I tried to explain all rings do, especially when you wear them regularly, but he said everyone gets a plain metal band for this reason. I know very few couples where either person went this route myself. I ponder this, but he's just wrong. He doesn't want me to "deal with a jewelry store" and thinks it's be best to order online. What?!? No. No. No. Nope, not going to pick the most important piece of jewelry I'll ever own out online and hope it's what I wanted when it gets here. Not happening. I know exactly what I want I just have to find it.

He is so convinced of things like this I sometimes begin to doubt myself. He is not the typical groom and I'm so glad. He does care what the invitations look like or how I'll wear my hair. I just have to remember that sometimes his passionate need to protect me (from swindlers in jewelry stores or worst of all settling for something that isn't exactly what I want.) can be jarring. He means well, but by no means does he know everything or even what's best.

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  1. I agree with you! Melissa, my fiancee, got her custom wedding band made to her custom engagement ring. She did get her ring from an online company though (Leber Jewler). They have a store in chicago and are very well known, but the experience was almost like being there in person. they sent pictures, talked to her, etc. etc. They are almost better than regular chains since they know most customers are online. It's a company that does recycled metals and conflict-free stones etc. too, so that's why she liked it. Also, they can sometimes be cheaper.
    For my ring, like what i do with electronics, i went to a few stores, tried on a few rings, priced them, got a good idea of what I want and then ALMOST bought it online. I ended up using some family gold and had a good local (annapolis, md.) store make it for a very discounted price. :-) Justin
    good luck on your ring choice!


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