Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Rock" Bands

My first love was this beautiful band I found on Tiffany's site. They called it a swing ring and wanted almost twice what my car cost for it. I found the same band at Robbins Brothers in California for a much more reasonable rate. That was years ago now. I've been Googling for months looking for that band or something like it.

Last night I found this on brilliant earth. It's beautiful, but out of the budget. I do feel much better that it still exists.

What I really want at this point is alternating diamonds and emeralds. Something different enough to suit me and match my engagement ring. I have a beautiful natural round cut emerald in my engagement ring. I saw a lot of pretty but not right rings until last night when I found this:

I LOVE this! I am sold on everything, but the price. I want to find this setting maybe with lab created emeralds and try it on. I really love it. Back to my search...

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  1. very pretty. can you find one that's only half like this with stones on "top," or only like 5 stones alternating so you can safe some $? unless your fiance is a rap mogul and i didn't know it. and if so, does he have any openings in his posse??? ;-) Justin


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