Sunday, September 4, 2011

So Inviting

I said "We're going to do simple invitations. They'll be so much easier than the save the dates." Then I started looking around...The problem is I didn't have a clear picture in my head. I only knew I wanted something different that fit the theme. When the message board I belong to asked for invitation inspiration I felt like I'd come to school without my homework, not a usual feeling for me.

I suddenly felt unprepared and anxious. I knew we had a few months and it hadn't even crossed my mind. So, I started Google image searching and scouring Etsy for "inspiration". I always intended to make them myself, mind you. The first thing I kind of liked after hours of searching was this:

Something hand painted with an old tree and a fairy somewhere, maybe.

I searched beyond posting that image as my inspiration because I knew it wasn't quite right. It wasn't different or theme related enough. I searched and stumbled upon a site called Night Owl Paper Goods that had hedgehogs in their banner. They had a whole bunch of wooden invitations. Wedding invitations printed onto pieces of wood, yes!

Of course even this place didn't have exactly what I need. Like everything else for the wedding this will have to be custom. I conferred with Groomie-poo and he was just as excited by the idea. He had his own set of criteria for them so between that and our budget the options were sufficiently narrowed. Now to order samples! Yay, more packages.

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