Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crafty Time!!!

Hello Joann's coupons! My favorite piece of mail. I am in desperate need of the stress relief only crafting can bring. I need to cut and glue and paint and maybe even sew. Lord, how I need to make something with my hands. I had a vague project list in my noggin. I just knew wedding DIY time had arrived.

I really wanted to do a bird's nest card box. I thought it would be a cute theme related way to go. Most DIY brides seem to start their projects with a card box. I like it because our guests are "feathering our nest" or adding to our "nest egg" by giving us wedding cards. I'm going to write something cute to that effect. Here's a bird's nest someone was selling on Etsy:

Obviously, this one's for rings so it's tiny and it's holiday themed which I don't want, but very pretty.

This is one of the project idea cards from Joann's. It was good for material suggestions.

Here's my haul:
Yay! Wedding crafts, here I come. I got $25 off my purchase after all my coupons, thrity me. I bought everything I need for my bird's nest, ribbon for re-purposing the ring pillow and a wooden box to paint and decorate for the fabric pieces of the guest book quilt. I also scoped out some embellishment options for the flower girl desses. It was a nice trip.

I got a wide variety of mosses, twine, raffia and grapevine wrethes to unravel. A wooden hinged box and acrylic paints in greens and browns to paint it.

I got decoupage at the project card's suggestion to hold the nest together. Beyond that I got some pretty emerald green and lavender ribbon. I also got thin white and ivory for whatever arises. I even found green ribbon with brown mushrooms which I love. I'm thinking I may tie bows of it on the bridesmaids totes I want to make.

I even spulrged while it was on sale and got the 18 piece crafting tool kit. It's paper crafting tools of every variety. I'll use every single one of them (probably this weekend!). Can you tell how excited a new batch of crafting supplies makes me?

Many more DIY posts to come. I anticipate starting the re-ribboning of the ring pillow tomorrow. It should only take a few hours and than on to the nest. It'll have to dry over night at least once so I should have that done by the end of the week. I hope to start my fabric box this weekend. Yay!

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