Friday, March 16, 2012

The Dress That Wasn't

I have 5 more posts as un-legally-married woman! Whoa. That being said there is so much to say on the subject of my wedding as I sit down to type my head spins. I broached the subject in an earlier post, but this is an incredibly specific incident. My bridesmaids dresses are beautiful Jim Hjelm Occasions (style 5007) in emerald green dupioni silk in a very classic 50's cut.

They became a nightmare because of where I chose to purchase them. The girls were given dresses two sizes too large and they all had to pay almost as much as they paid for the dress for alterations. I feel physical pain thinking about it. When I started I pictured black strapless dresses with green sashes, something in the neighborhood of $30 per dress. Once I had my wedding party assembled we decided against strapless and once I found the dress I decided against black.

I loved the classic 50's cut of it. It's fun, spring-y and figure flattering. However, the quirky asymmetry on top gave the seamstresses headaches, the color caused friction (and later doubt) between Mike and I and the cost of dress plus alterations became a problem. The other night I was watching My Fair Wedding and I saw the dress. The one I should have chosen. On the show it was black with a sparkly brooch. Mike and I gasped. Stunning. It's Aria style 121

Vintage, fun and simple. In black with the sparkly brooch just like on the show. That should have been the dress. I looked it up thinking it would be expensive and kick my rational brain into overriding the waves of sadness and regret. It's slightly less! They will ship you a sample to try on in your own home! (Face Palm) Mike said it would have looked beautiful on my girls. I agree. I love it.

When I really got sad Mike suggested that some time after the wedding I buy it for myself. It's a nice idea, but our bank accounts are hemorrhaging money as is it and as a mother of two spending more than $20 on an article of clothing for myself makes me nauseous with guilt. Anyway, heed my warning and shop around! I fell in love with a picture in a wedding magazine (steer clear of those!) and never thought twice when the girls agreed. Look around take at least one bridesmaid with you if you can and really think it over. Don't find the perfect style/color/hassle-free dress when it's too late.


  1. Katie, from a seamstress' point of view, I write to console you on your choice. Although the dress style you chose had fit issues, I believe this one would have been far worse. It looks lovely here, but that modified cowl neckline is notoriously hard to fit and alterations would be very likely on your wedding party,(different shoulder widths + lengths), the bodice does not allow for any variations and alterations there would be a nightmare since the fabric is flat and shiny. Its also not going to look flattering on a curvy girl, with all that shine stretched across the tummy. I think your first choice, with the ease built into both bust and hips, offered a nice line with comfort for your wedding party.

  2. Happy Wedding Day Katie! I know your day is going to be just as wonderful as you hoped it would be. :)



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