Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flower Girl Books

I got a bunch of books from the library about being a flower girl. I was stunned that there isn't a Fancy Nancy where being a flower girl is more than mentioned. Not surprisingly, there were also no my mommy and daddy are getting married books. Nevertheless I found a few good ones.

Daisy Jane, Best-Ever Flower Girl by Megan McDonald. Daisy's babysitter is getting married and she's the flower girl. It's an outdoor wedding and everything goes wrong when the weather turns bad so Daisy saves the day, but helping make the living room reception better. It's cute and relatively short. Riley enjoyed it, but it's definitely been out shined by some of the others we got.

Lilly's Big Day by Kevin Henkes. Lilly is a precocious little mouse. Her teacher is marrying the school nurse. She desperately wants the flower girl gig. I like Lilly. She and Fancy Nancy would get along great. It has lots of colorful illustrations. In the end Lilly looses the job to a younger girl related to the couple, but saves the day when the little girl has stage fright.

Eloise At The Weddingby Margaret McNamara. This is hands down Riley's favorite of the bunch. She was vaguely familiar with Eloise from some of her holiday specials, but was the first of her books we read. It's a very quick and fun read. Riley was quoting it this morning! We may have to buy a copy. Eloise ends up saving the day by filling in for the sick flower girl at a wedding in the ballroom of the hotel she lives in. Two thumbs up.

The Flower Girl by Laura Godwin. This one is very cute. It's "here is the church, here is the steeple" but it goes through a wedding day. The little blonde main character looks like Riley. It starts "This is the girl who carries the flowers." Then on the opposite page "This is the dress she dreamed of for hours." I really like the flow of the rhyming pages. Near the end the kids in the illustration look just like Roo, Boo and Miss E. Cute.

Isabelle the Flower Girl by Ellen Weiss. This is a Babar book. Isabelle is Babar and Celeste's daughter. It's a good realistic story line. She's worried about what the job entails and if she'll do it well. She does stumble and her petals rain down like snow. Everyone thinks it's beautiful. In the end she has a fun. Perfect.

Junie B. Jones is (Almost) a Flower Girl by Barbara Park. This one is a little too old for my two year old flower girls. It's funny, but we're getting through it slowly because it has minimal pictures and Riley gets impatient. So far my favorite part is Junie's re-write of the bride song.

Here comes the bride
All dressed and wide
Her name is Clyde
She reads TV Guide

So, if you have an older flower girl this one is fun, but I'd skip it for the younger crowd since I'm enjoying it more than Riley.

Reluctant Flower Girl by Lynne Barasch. This one is about a little girl who's much older sister and best friend is getting married. She's sad about her sister moving out and makes a few comical attempts to prevent the wedding. In the end she saves the day when the ring flies out of the best man's hand and only she sees where it lands. It ends with a sweet note from her sister and new big brother inviting her to come for a sleep over when they get back from their honeymoon. It makes me tear up every time! It's Riley's second favorite of the group. It has great pictures too.

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