Friday, March 2, 2012

Tips In Hindsight: From an (Almost) Been-There-Done-That Bride.

There's so much I wish I'd done differently and even more I feel I handled exceptionally well. We're just over 2wks away and here is what you should know before/during wedding planning.

  • Before you set your budget call your car insurence, cell phone and cable providers and get your bills reduced. I waited until much later in the process and we could have been saving that money from the start. Seriously three phone calls, hundreds of dollars a month.
  • Skip the "boutique" experience. Trust me on this. I have a whole post in the works about how stressful it's been. I thought spending more on the bridesmaids dresses would mean better fitting dresses and the royal treatment. Wrong twice.
  • Pay attention to holidays during the planning process. Dress clothes go on clearance post Christmas and Easter. Wings, masks etc are easier to get around Halloween.
  • DIY isn't always cheaper and time is sometimes more valuable than money. Don't get so bogged down in saving money that you completely burn out on all the extra tasks. I am guilty of this big time.
  • Don't expect your finance/wedding party (especially the kids) to change for the wedding day. The 2yrs will still be 2 the day of the wedding they will need to be fed quickly and entertained through out. Plan Ahead. Your flaky friend's never been on time once in your relationship? Don't expect her to suddenly get her act together for your wedding. Plan Ahead.
  • Making people do things they don't want to do is a miserable experience for all involved without exception. From renting tuxes, walking in time to music while everyone stares, giving a toast, etc...if it made someone uncomfortable we skipped it. To clarify I mean the bride groom or loved one who was asked to perform the tasks. Guests should enjoy themselves, but if you took a vote on everything nothing would get done.
  • Delegate and mean it! Assign the project and let go. Understand it'll be done differently than you would have personally done it (hopefully better)and it not happening can't be the end of your universe because things happen.
  • Supposed to's are for people with perfect bodies, better balance than mine, lots of free time and unlimited budgets!

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  1. You've missed one key tip (and that's only because the day isn't over for you yet). Soak. It. In... The day is going to absolutely fly. It'll seem like a whirlwind (and this is coming from a woman that had LOTS of time that day. We had a 10:30 AM wedding, and a 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM reception - We really wanted to spend the day celebrating; not stressing and sweating).

    Pay attention to the little moments. The morning of, I made a point to spend a little bit of time doing something special with each one of my bridesmaids/​matron-of-honor (one helped with my veil, one handled the garter, one helped me into the car - she had to literally pick me, and one said a prayer with me while we waited for the ceremony to start). I LOVE that each one of my girls has a memory with me. As for Jon, I literally said to myself (MANY times that day) "Remember this moment. Right now. Soak it in." And when I think back on that blur-of-a-day, those awesome moments (Jon reading his vows, my sister/our officiant reciting "The Princess Bride" during the ceremony, the father/daughter dance, changing into a shorter dress during the a stairwell - true story) those are some of my favorite, and most vivid, memories.

    I cannot stress this enough...soak it in.


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