Monday, March 12, 2012

Update Monday!

  • Slideshow! (phew)
  • Custom ties are on the way. Mike's attire is all accounted for.
  • Isaac's pants arrived and shirt should arrive Monday
  • Bachelor Party
  • Received and built my wedding step stool.
  • Got an early wedding present from Mike, a Kindle Touch (: & Ordered a cute case from Etsy
  • My garter.
  • Designed & ordered photo share cards (set up a flickr account just for our wedding)
  • Designed our Thank You banner
  • Picked my bridal shower attire and made my mad hat!!
  • Got the license
  • Information packet for honeymoon arrived.
  • Made ALL of our returns (too small dress shirt, too small bathing suit, etc)
  • Made and sent final timeline to parents and wedding party
  • Got my wedding day underthings (for real)
  • Daylight Savings
  • Made it to single digits!!!!!!!!!
Still Looking Forward To
  • My sister flying in In 48hrs!
  • Phone meeting with photographer. (getting really impatient now)
  • Finishing the play list.
  • My bachelorette party sleepover
  • Mad Hatter Tea party bridal shower
  • Packing for the honeymoon!!
  • The wedding!!

The nightmares have stopped and my sleep is better. Unforunatly I've traded it for some badly timed PMS and what follows. I can't think of a worse time to be hormonal and over emotional than the week before your wedding! Honestly! Well...that's not true it would be worse on the honeymoon (maybe). I always tell people it doesn't create emotions it just hieghtens them and mine are already hieghtened right now so I feel crazy. Which may have been the cause if cycles had not been involved...

"It's the week before the wedding y'all" (read in the Parker Posey Waiting for Guffman voice). It's slightly wonkie because it's a Wedsnesday, but this is the LAST full week before the wedding. On Wednesdy it will actually be a week until the wedding. It's totally surreal to get from 8mo-1wk. It's been feeling increasingly more real as it's gone along, but now it's happening next week.

Before that, though, is this weekend. MY weekend! I was sad at first to wait this long for a bridal shower, but I'm so glad I did! It's so nice to have a whole weekend of girly stuff to look forward to right before the big day. I'm so glad my sister wil be there too. I'm so glad Mike had his turn first and that we worked out kid logestics so I can enjoy 48hrs of fun. Yay!

I was supposed to retire from wedding projects, but there's still undecorated flower baskets, reserved signs and most importantly table numbers. We can live with plain baskets and printed out signs, but the tables have to have names on them. I want to cut them on my Silouhette, Just a tree and the name in pretty font, I think.

9 days!!!


  1. Tick-tock, tick-tock..before you know it it will be here!! Aunt Aimee

    1. I can't believe there will only be one more update Monday before I'm married.

    2. Just prepare yourself for when its over...all that planning and its over in a couple hours..kind of a letdown in a way...but then YOU lucky rascals get to head off on a Cruise as a Reward for all your Hard Work!! Aunt Aimee

  2. I remember that let-down after planning Maria's wedding..


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