Monday, March 19, 2012

The FINAL Update Monday!!

  • Bachelorette Party/Henna!
  • Bridal Shower
  • All menswear is here including ties
  • Play list is complete and a backup disc has been burned.
  • Started the pre-packing laundry, yay honeymoon!
  • Confirmed all the hair/make-up appointments
  • Borrowed a printer and recruited help to finish favor tags and seating chart.
  • Packed my overnight bag for tomorrow.
  • Organized my bins into: Rehearsal Stuff/Tuesday Set-up, Wedding Day stuff, Stays with the bride, Day of for Mike & Isaac and Honeymoon (I'll pack it when the laundry's done).
  • Located all necessary paperwork/documents for honeymoon
  • Had phone meeting with photographer. All of my reply emails were disappearing into his spam folder).
  • A few phones calls from the baker our cake is underway!
  • Made it to the "week of"!
Still Looking Forward To
  • The rehearsal
  • The rehearsal dinner!
  • Finishing the packing
  • My hair and make-up appointments
  • Sleeping over at my maid of honor's house the night before (with my sister)
  • The wedding!!
  • The Honeymoon!!!!!!

It was an exhausting, but amazingly fun weekend! Both my bachelorette and bridal shower were amazing. I couldn't be happier. I need to get a few loose ends tied up before tomorrow afternoon and then I'm out of here until after the wedding!! Hurray! One last push to get through these tasks and then I can let the current of the events carry me to the end.

I feel so loved after all the hard work my bridesmaids put into the weekend. I really can not wait to get married. Which my 20yr old self would never have believed. Life is funny. Here I am getting married to a boy I went to high school with, raising two kids it doesn't seem possible. At the same time it couldn't happen any other way.

2 days (48hrs)!!!

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