Saturday, March 24, 2012

Priate Day, ARRRR!

Honeymoon day three! We awoke to Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. It was super exciting. We actually got so excited to get off the boat we had to get right back on for Mike to change shirts and me to apply sunscreen, oops. What's nice is that the private island days are set up for getting on and off all day. Just like the first stop, no tender boats required I just wheeled right off. Anyway, we skipped the tram and just walked to the beach on the second try which was much nicer. They even had complimentary beach wheelchairs available.

For my observant readers, yes that's the same dress from the first day in a different color. I love them (Yay, Old Navy!). I digress, we went down to the beach to rent snorkel gear. I hate the beach. I love to look at it from my balcony and maybe sit on it, but getting around in sand or the ocean blows. I just had my last surgery in November and I'm not entirely in a trusting relationship with my body as of yet. So, I was a bit nervous, but it was my honeymoon. Besides how hard can snorkeling be?

Another tip for couples doing the cruise honeymoon, ask how much things cost. It's so easy to hand over your room key without a second thought. We each got a mask, snorkel, bright yellow vest and flippers (which we ended up not using because I could not walk in them). It was $50 to borrow those for about 20min. Those 20min were not the proudest of my life either. The water was much colder than I expected so I was stiff as a board trying to get in deep enough to see stuff. Plus I had no idea how to cope with a fogged up mask or seawater in the snorkel.

I'm usually a tough cookie, but I'll admit whining and complaining for a good 5minutes. I gave it a shot, but I only saw sand, seaweed and rocks. I kept blowing air through my nose and breaking the seal on the mask and panicking when water started coming in. I really should have bought a reasonably priced mask at the store and practiced in the pool first (which is heated by the way). After awhile I told Mike I was sorry, but I wanted to go back to the beach. I was perfectly happy to sunbathe while he snorkeled, but he was done too. So, we went back to the boat. I felt bad. I told Mike I was sorry he hadn't married someone who could snorkel with him.

It didn't last long though you just can not be sad on Pirate night. When we got back to the room there was a letter and 2 Pirates of the Caribbean bandanas on the bed. The letter informed us there be a Pirate Mickey Party, Fireworks and Club pirate tonight. Dinner would also feature pirate menus. Neat. The bandanas was as far as our pirate-ness went, but there were tiny Caption Hooks all over the boat!

We also went to see John Carter in 3D. It was fun, but slow to get started. It ended abruptly because Disney had plans for sequels, but know what I do about how this on tanked at the box office I'm wondering if they will. After the movie we got a behind the scenes tour of the ship. We went out a crew members only door with an escort into some kind of frieght elevator and through the crew members quarters section. We got to go through two water tight doors that he had to get the captain’s permission to open too. It was almost cooler than the movie. This was also my turn to do the giant water slide, the Aqua Duck. It's a clear tube that winds around two decks and over the side of the ship. Mike tried it Friday and I just watched to make sure I wouldn't injury myself attempting it. There was no line today so we went on it together. It was really fun! We both smiled for the camera think that would be the quintessential honeymoon photo, but when we inquired she said the camera was broken and only the flash worked. Bummer.

Halfway through the honeymoon...

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