Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Katie Got Married

March 21,2012

I vowed: I promise to respect the differences between us (especially the ones I don't understand)
As much as I cherish our common ground
I promise to make sure you're on time as long as you promise to fix things
I promise to love you, even when I hate you
And to tell you so with sincerity
I promise to be honest (especially when your jokes aren't funny)
I promise you imperfection and mistakes
But, I promise to always aspire to be a person worthy of your love.
I will attempt to accept your compliments as easily as your criticism
I promise to love you fully, with my every cell and molecule
I promise to strive every hour to love you for exactly who you are
I promise to support even your worst ideas and to appreciate your best intentions
I will fight through the worst times and laugh through the best, by your side always"

And...I got one of these:

There was kissing and a big party, with cake!

And dancing...



  1. congrats! You look beautiful! I love your whole look!

  2. That last picture is just beautiful Katie.


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