Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bachelor Party

Be warned if you have your heart set on a spring wedding, March is tricky. Two very interesting things happen in March: Multiple Spring Breaks and Daylight Savings. I originally thought we'd dodged the Spring Break bullet by traveling before our kids had theirs (well one day into it). It never occurred to me that a)Northerners may have different Spring Break dates and b)We live in a state a lot of people travel to for their Spring Break.

Mike had his heart set on camping overnight with the guys for his bachelor party. I wanted him to do something that made him happy and more importantly to have a night off. His best man had a baby at the beginning of February so finding a time that he was neither working nor being a dutiful new daddy was tricky. Once a date was set I relaxed, but it turned out the campgrounds were booked all weekend. All the campgrounds! It turns out some people are already on spring break and they're all camping.

Mike was bummed and to add insult to injury a groomsmen who knew the date of the party for weeks flaked last minute too. On top of all that my girls and I had just finished planning my kick ass bachelorette/bridal shower weekend and I felt guilty. There was a lot of discussion and phone tag (and stress for me).

In the end they got a moderate hotel room on the beach. Mike was very chipper yesterday morning and he is not a morning person. He packed his things, bid us farewell and took off in the late afternoon. He had not only packed his things (double checking twice that he hadn't forgotten anything), he even made a fresh batch of guacamole and double checked the integrity of the air mattress (just in case) I loved seeing him so excited.

Now, I don't know or care what they're up to out there. I do suspect a midnight, drunken swim in the pool will occur though. Anyway, having overcome the Spring Break hurdle now they will face daylight savings. At 2am we lost an hour. I'm not sure if it was an hour of partying or sleeping for them, but it's a bummer either way. That check out time will creep up that much faster on them. Poor guy.

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